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Cantharone Dormer Laboratories0.7 %/7.5 ml1$81.00
Cantharone Plus (7.5ml Vial)Dormer Laboratories1 %/2 %/30 %1$89.00
Cantharidin Generic0.7 %/7.5 ml1$75.00

Drug name: Cantharone
Generic name: Cantharidin, Canthacur
Use: Wart removal
Other alternatives: Cantharone Plus

Cantharone is a medication used to remove skin growth caused by viruses, the most common being warts. The wart removal process should always take place at a doctor’s or dermatologist office as this medication may harm you if not used correctly. The most common type of warts Cantharone is used to remove the common warts which grow around the nail, fingers and on the back of hands. Foot warts which usually appear on the soles of the feet, these are called plantar warts. Flat warts are usually most common in children, they grow in numbers from 20 – 100 at a time, in adult males they are mostly found around the beard and on the legs in women; it is said shaving is common cause for flat warts. Canada Pharmacy Online has Cantharone OTC and Cantharone Plus RX; Cantharone Plus has podophyllotixin and salicylic acid added. You can order by calling toll free at 1-866-920-3784 or email us at

Cantharone Side Effects
While being treated with Cantharone you may experience mild discomfort. Common side effects are topical and are expected as the skin needs to heal after the wart is removed. Right after your visit with the doctor you may see blistering where the medication was applied, if the discomfort is bothersome try bathing or topical medication your doctor may have recommended. After approximately 4 -5 days the blister has crusted and is peeling off leaving the surface of the skin sensitive and itchy. By day 7 your skin has healed but some loss of pigmentation over the treated area may occur, this is normal, no scaring should occur.

Cantharone Safety in Pregnancy and Children
The use of Cantharone is not recommended for use during pregnancy therefore inform your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnancy before undergoing treatment. Cantharone is not recommended for use for children under the age of 12. Speak to your doctor openly about the benefits and risks of undergoing treatment with Cantharone as he/she will be able to determine what is right for your condition.

Cantharone Price
Canada Pharmacy Online has unbeatable prices on all brand Dormer Cantharone (0.7 %/7.5 ml) and Cantharone Plus (0.7 %/5 %/30 %, 7.5ml), generic Cantharidin and Cantharidin Plus, when you order with us you are sure to save money.. We ship internationally and the mediations are delivered straight to your door. You can order up 6 month supplies on almost all out brand and generic medications.

Cantharone Review
“I went in to my dermatologist’s office with really painful plantar warts, after looking at my options we concluded the using Cantharone was a much cheaper and faster way of treating my warts. Recovery was fast and I experienced very little discomfort.” – Steven, New Hampshire

The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

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