Cyklokapron (Tranexamic Acid)

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Product: Cyklokapron
Manufacturer: Actavis
Country: Turkey
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Type: drug type
Product: Tranexamic Acid
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Cyklokapron Information

Check out the credentials from the sites to see if it’s an approved dispensing pharmacy by Pharmacy Checker and CIPA before you buy Cyklokapron (ingredient Tranexamic Acid). We currently have the brand Cyklokapron from Turkey also known as Transamine manufactured by Actavis. The generic form of Cyklokapron comes from Canada by a different manufacturer. is a leading Canadian dispensing pharmacy that may dispense different versions of Cyklokapron from international fulfillment centers. Buy Cyklokapron online at a competitive price or Call 1.866.920.3784, we accept Master Card, ACH (Check by Phone), Checks, and money orders.

Product Details

The generic form of Cyklokapron (Tranexamic Acid) belongs to a class of medications called antifibrinolytic agents and is used to prevent or reduce bleeding in different conditions such as after minor surgery like tooth removal in people with a hereditary blood clotting disorder (haemophilia), cervical surgery (conization of cervix), nose bleeds (epistaxis), heavy periods, bleeding inside the eye and for a hereditary disease called angioneurotic oedema. It is used to stop excessive bleeding after an operation or to assist with blood clotting. When you bleed your body forms clots as part of healing. In some people these clots do not stay in place long enough. This can cause too much bleeding. The generic form of Cyklokapron (Tranexamic Acid) is available as tablets in the dosage strength of 500 mg.

Some less serious side effects of Cyklokapron may include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Stop using Cyklokapron and contact your doctor at once if you have a serious side effect such as:

• Allergic reactions
• Central retinal artery and vein obstruction leading to changes in your eyesight (such as changes to the sharpness of vision or field of vision and especially impaired color vision)
• Dizziness
• Seizures or fits
• Pain in chest or legs
• Heart attack (chest pain)
• Blood clots/deep vein thrombosis/arterial thrombosis limb (redness, warmth, swelling in your hands, legs, ankles or feet)
• Trouble urinating
• Cerebral infarction/cerebrovascular accident/cerebral thrombosis (problems with speech, walking, sudden confusion, numbness or weakness)
• Low blood pressure

Take Cyklokapron exactly as directed by your health care professional. Always take the number of tablets your doctor tells you. The usual adult dose is 2-3 tablets two-three times daily. Depending on why you have been given these tablets, your dose may be different. Do not use Cyklokapron if you are allergic (hypersensitive) to tranexamic acid or any of the other ingredients of this medicine, have a history or risk of blood clots (thromboembolism), especially in the leg, lung, brain, or tissues surrounding the brain, have acquired disturbances of colour vision, have blood in the urine or any bleeding related to the kidney. Cyklokapron may interact with other medicines such as medicines used to help your blood clot, medicines that decrease blood clots (anticoagulants), birth control that contains hormones such as “The Pill”, hydrochlorothiazide, desmopressin, sulbactam-ampicillin, carbazochrome, ranitidine, or nitroglycerin. Before taking this medication, inform your doctor if you have you have kidney disease, bleeding from the upper urinary tract, ever had any uncontrollable bleeding (including irregular menstrual bleeding), are pregnant or breastfeeding, are obese, diabetic, have been told you have polycystic ovary syndrome a history of cancer of the endometrium in a close relative, are on estrogen therapy or are taking tamoxifen.

Questions & Answers

1. What should I avoid while taking Cyklokapron?
Answer: When you use Cyklokapron you might experience dizziness. If this happens to you, do not drive or use any machinery.

2. Does tranexamic acid stop periods?
Answer: Tranexamic acid prevents blood clots from breaking down and reduces heavy bleeding during menstruation. However, it does not stop the periods completely.

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