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Canada Pharmacy Online Hits Major Milestone: 18,000 5-Star Reviews from Shopper Approved

written by Skye Sherman - Aug 27, 2018

Congratulations are in order to all of us here at Canada Pharmacy Online for reaching a major milestone. Our pharmacy website, which has helped thousands of people all over the world secure affordable prescriptions, has earned 18,000 five-star reviews from Shopper Approved! This is a true achievement and we are proud of the long years of dedication leading up to this day.

We work hard every day to deliver high quality products to our trusting customers with quick shipping speeds and fair prices. Being recognized in this way for our effort and hard work is a true honor. We’re happy to continue delivering service that our customers love, and we’re thrilled that our customers are coming along for this journey alongside us and sharing their thoughts and feedback with us.

Of course, you probably have some questions about this news. What are the implications of hitting such a major milestone? What makes Canada Pharmacy Online so popular among prescription drug shoppers? How does one find a good Canadian pharmacy to order from?

Read on and we’ll explain everything in detail so that you can fully understand how exciting this news is for Canada Pharmacy Online and bargain shoppers everywhere.

What customers are saying

So far, our total number of ratings is over 21,000 -- and now, 18,000 of those are five-star reviews! We earn many reviews every week and we are always pleased to hear of our customers having a five-star experience. Of course, four stars is pretty good too, but we’re proud of our amazingly high ratio of five-star ratings! We always strive to deliver the best possible experience when people buy drugs online, and we are proud of the 18,000 times we have been able to do that.

There are two kinds of awards we have received from Shopper Approved. We already have been the recipient of the 5-Star Excellence Award, and we are proud to now have earned a major Milestone Award as well.

Why is Canada Pharmacy Online so popular among online shoppers?

Obviously, those five-star reviews don’t pour in by themselves. Where do they come from? And how have we earned them?

The short answer is: we got them from all of you! Every time we deliver an outstanding customer experience, we have the potential to earn a five-star rating from our customers. Many of them are so thrilled with their experience that they are happy to take a few minutes out of their day to perform the selfless act of leaving us their feedback and a review. We are grateful that this has now happened over 21,000 times.

Here at Canada Pharmacy Online, we provide one of quickest and easiest ordering processes out there on the market today. In addition, our products come with three important guarantees: a Satisfaction Guarantee, a Best Price Guarantee, and a Shipping Guarantee.

Moreover, our customers have the freedom to choose between four ways to place their orders, each of them simple and hassle free: online, by mail, by fax, or over the telephone (toll free). If any issues arise, our Customer Service Representatives can assist customers in multiple languages, including Spanish and French.

How does the Shopper Approved review process work?

Shopped Approved Merchant Reviews are collected from our customers regarding their overall shopping experiences after they order and once they have received their physical products. These reviews are then added to our reviews page in order to help educate and motivate new potential customers. In addition, these reviews can be syndicated on different locations in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We make it easy for our customers to provide their honest review and feedback after they have purchased from us, because it’s important to us to know what our customers think. This is part of the reason we’ve been able to collect so many thousands of stellar reviews.

The safe, proper process for buying from Canadian pharmacies

Before you buy, you should take a few extra steps to verify that the online Canadian pharmacy you’re considering is trustworthy, legitimate, and credible. In addition, you should avoid any site that claims to not require a prescription. Avoid sites like this at all costs, as they are often spam sites or dishonest pharmacies out to steal your money or dispense unreliable drugs. This is not safe or wise in any way.

Buying erectile dysfunction ED drugs like Viagra or Cialis is an especially risky business. Male infertility is on the rise, so more and more people are looking into their options. Check the quality and cost, and make sure the online Canadian pharmacy requires a prescription. Otherwise, there’s no way to be sure about what you’re getting or the quality or reliability of the product.

Checking for the endorsement of a third party shopper verification like Shopper Approved is a good way to be sure about what you’re buying. They are a third party with no vested interest in the companies they review, so they can be impartial and non-biased, displaying honest reviews and feedback that will help consumers.

Our orders are dispensed by Candrug, which is regulated by the College of Pharmacists of BC. After all, finding the best price won’t do you any favors if the product you purchase is low quality or unreliable.

Moreover, Canada Pharmacy Online is accredited by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). CIPA is the only organization in Canada with a licensing program that can certify Canadian online pharmacies to provide prescription drugs to international customers. Having a CIPA certification ensures that the pharmacy is licensed, reputable, and adheres to stringent safety protocols. CIPA member pharmacies have a perfect safety record.

Lastly, Canada Pharmacy Online uses Credit Card Safe Security Metrics, which protects your privacy and financial information. The site is tested quarterly to ensure that high security standards are maintained. This approach significantly reduces the risk that the site will be compromised, or that credit card information and other sensitive data could be stolen or misused.

Thank you to our customers

Lastly -- but most importantly -- we’d like to thank all of our loyal customers. Without your reviews and feedback, we would not be where we are today! Thank you for trusting us with all of your prescription drug needs. We appreciate each and every order.

At the end of the day, here at Canada Pharmacy Online we are real people working hard behind a real company to get our customers what they need, and delivered in a timely manner.

Thank you to all of our customers for being here, and please let us know if you ever have questions or need any help! We’d love to be of service to you however we can. Thank you for your positive reviews and your business. We know you have options out there, so we are so glad that you choose us and recognize the quality of what we do.

If you have not reviewed your experience with us before, we invite you to do so now. In addition, if you have any customer service enquiries, please email or contact us by phone at 1-866-920-3784. Our customer service agents will be happy to assist you.



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