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How Much Does Tadalafil Cost? And How to Save Money

written by Skye Sherman - Apr 28, 2021
medically reviewed by Dr. Christine Bishara, MD - Jun 9, 2021

Photo Credit: by Male Infertility Treatment,
Photo Credit: by Male Infertility Treatment,

If you take (or need to take) medication to help with satisfaction in the bedroom, you’re not the only one. Many men around the world take drugs for erectile dysfunction (also known as ED).

However, ED medication can be cost-prohibitive for some people, even if they need treatment. Treating erectile dysfunction can be expensive, especially if you opt for one of the popular name-brand ED drugs. Some cost around $400 per month out of pocket, depending on the dosage and specific prescription you need.

Unfortunately, drugs like Cialis are not covered by most Medicare and insurance plans. Coupons from manufacturers and pharmacies can help to offset the cost, but your best option is to save money through a variety of different means.

In this article, we’ll share about the cost of tadalafil and help you figure out some of the best ways to save money.

What you need to know about tadalafil

Tadalafil is a vasodilator, which means that it widens the blood vessels near the surface of the skin. This results in increased blood flow. Because of this effect, tadalafil can be used to treat erectile dysfunction and enlarged prostate. Tadalafil is a PDE-I inhibitor, which relaxes the muscles and helps to increase the blood flow to the penis.

Tadalafil can also be used to treat high blood pressure in the lungs, but its primary use is as an ED medication. Men who have both enlarged prostate and erectile dysfunction (male impotence) at the same time can also be treated with tadalafil.

The drug helps a man to maintain an erection long enough for sex, but the drug needs sexual stimulation in order to be able to work, because it does not increase libido or cure the root of whatever is causing the erectile dysfunction. Still, tadalafil is useful for relief from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Tadalafil is taken as an oral tablet. A tadalafil prescription can come in a strength of 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, or 20 mg tablets. Men can take tadalafil on an “as needed” basis and the effects can last for up to 36 hours for each tablet.

How to save money on tadalafil: Try generic versions of tadalafil instead

If your current ED medication is too expensive, consider trying tadalafil to save money. Off-brand ED drugs like tadalafil are also known as generic Cialis or generic Adcirca. You can talk to your doctor about lowering the cost of your ED drug and switching to a more affordable option like tadalafil.

A generic drug will almost always cost less than a brand-name drug. It is the same medication but without the costly branding, marketing, and design that goes into the big-name prescriptions. You can also get generic tadalafil that is manufactured in other countries like Canada, the UK, India, or Turkey.

Cialis can be about $400 per month out of pocket. By contrast, tadalafil might cost $270 to $370 per month or even less, depending on what you need and where you shop. In some cases, you can get generic tadalafil for 93% (or even more) off the retail price of brand-name Cialis.

Buy a 3-month supply and stock up on tadalafil

If you stock up on prescription drugs, you can expect dramatic cost savings. Ordering a large supply that will last you for several months will typically cost much less per pill than ordering smaller quantities at a time.

Let’s do a quick comparison so you can see how much stocking up can save you. On our website, we sell tadalafil, the generic equivalent of Cialis. Let’s take a look at the 20 mg tablet to ensure we are comparing apples to apples.

Maybe you think you won’t use it much or don’t know if you want to have a large supply of tadalafil, so you only buy a few at a time. If you buy a package of 4 tablets that are manufactured in Canada, it will cost you $21.99, which comes out to about $5.50 per pill. That’s not too bad… unless you are going to be taking tadalafil on a regular basis.

If you take one pill a day for 30 days, that’s $165 for a one month supply. That’s still a great price when you compare it to brand-name Cialis, which costs $227.99 for 8 tablets manufactured by Lilly in Canada. That’s almost $30 per pill, or over $800 per month! But it’s nothing compared to what you will pay (and save) if you order a supply of 88 tablets rather than just 4 tablets.

Watch what happens when you purchase a large quantity of tadalafil and stock up to save: Opt to buy 88 tablets at a time (manufactured in the United Kingdom) and the cost is $103.99. That’s only $1.18 per pill, or $35.45 for the same 30-day supply.

When it comes to paying for a monthly supply of 20 mg tadalafil tablets, you could pay $35.45, $165, or more than $800. The choice is yours! The drug and its active ingredients are the same. The only difference is where you’re ordering from, whether the drug is brand-name, and what quantity you are purchasing at a time.

If you want to change your prescription to be able to order a larger quantity, you may need to request a new prescription from your doctor. Talk to a health care professional about whether this route is right for you.

Order from a licensed online Canadian pharmacy

If you’re looking for more ways to save money on tadalafil, we have good news. We saved the best for last. Ordering from an online pharmacy not only might save you money, it will also save you lots of time and hassle. It doesn’t get much more convenient than getting your prescriptions delivered to your door! No more annoying trips to the brick-and-mortar pharmacy. Instead, your drugs can come straight to you.

Online Candian pharmacies have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among Americans. That’s because drug prices are generally more affordable across the board if a patient orders them from Canada rather than purchasing them from a typical pharmacy in the US.

Why is this? Why are drugs almost always more affordable from Canada than the US?

It’s a simple explanation. In Canada, the price of medications -- both brand-name and generic -- is regulated by the government, whereas in the US there is a free market economy. In other words, in the US, drug manufacturers can charge as much as they want. That’s why ordering drugs from an online Canadian pharmacy will almost always result in cost savings. The cost of the same medication is kept lower in order to prevent price gouging by drugmakers.

Luckily, there is still a great variety of prescription medications available if you order from a licensed online Canadian pharmacy. For example, Canada Pharmacy Online currently stocks both Adcirca and Cialis, and generic tadalafil. Different generic versions of tadalafil may come from Canada, the UK, or India. They are the same medication, just a generic version that is manufactured in another country.

It’s clear to see that dramatic cost savings on ED drugs are available if you only know how to do your research and be a smart consumer. Treating erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to be too expensive to afford. You just need to know where to order from, how to order, and how to shop for generics rather than the big-name drugs.



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