Foracort Inhaler for COPD

by CPOHealth - March 17, 2016

Foracort Inhaler for COPD

Foracort is a generic version of Symbicort Turbuhaler is used to prevent bronchospasm in people with asthma or COPD. Symbicort is a combination of two medicines Formoterol Fumarate and Budesonide.

Generic Symbicort is also called Foracort inhaler manufactured by Cipla in India. It is available in different strengths & packs:

• Foracort 100 mcg/6 mcg/120 dose, 3 packs

• Foracort 200 mcg/6 mcg/120 dose, 3 packs

• Foracort 200 mcg/6 mcg/120 dose, 6 packs

• Foracort 400 mcg/6 mcg/120 dose, 3 packs

Consult your doctor if you need to purchase Symbicort turbuhaler and other asthma medications.


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