How to Order Drugs from Canada Pharmacy Online

written by CPOHealth - Feb 1, 2015

Please check out the full video here. You can order drugs online, by phone, by mail or Fax.

Order Online:

1.Search for medication(s) you would like to buy and click on “add to cart".

2.Once the product has been added to your shopping cart, you may sign-up as a New Customer, or you can login as an Existing Customer.

3.If you have selected “New" customer please complete the basic sign-up information.

4.Click on “Order Now".

5.Print the prescription order form if you have ordered a prescription item.

How to order medications from Canada Pharmacy Online Video



Jerry says at 2017-10-26 10:46:21:
zephyr I don't know what the solution is, but the war on drugs ain't it. The jury on that has been in for a long, long time. I spsuect the real reason the war on drugs continues is because it provides jobs to law inforcement, the judical and penal system for starters, also the associated equipment manufacturers, dog training, weapons, etc. All of these costs are socialized of course, except the costs covered by asset forfeiture which is essentially legalized robbery of citizens. This is all more evidence of how dysfunctional our society has become. The statistics tell the story, but are facts and stats important any longer when it comes to setting and changing policies?

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