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Is There A Connection Between Sexual Dysfunction and Gut Microbiota?

written by Karina Kaplun, Ph.D. - May 6, 2019

Photo Credit: by @CPOHealth
Photo Credit: by @CPOHealth

Normal sexual function is an essential part of person’s life required for reproduction and good health. Inability to have a satisfactory sexual relationship is a problem affecting many people around the world. At least 30% and 40 % of men and women, respectively, experience sexual complaints. Despite all the efforts to develop effective treatments for such pathologic conditions a lot of patients do not respond well to them. Sexual function is a complex process affected by different factors like sex hormones levels, neurological and psychological state of mind, dynamics of blood flow and even age. There are several health conditions that may increase the risk to develop erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems.

Risk factors for sexual dysfunction

Physiological disorders such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hormonal imbalance, stress and anxiety among others often lead to psychological problems. Psychological state of mind plays crucial role in sexual satisfaction. When this piece of the puzzle is missing it typically results in sexual disorder.

Current treatments for erectile dysfunction are not that effective

Some of the current treatments for erectile dysfunction have only 50% effectiveness. This may be due to the additional unknown mechanism of the condition. Hence scientists are exploring new ways to treat the disease. And one of them is exploring the gut microbiota.

How does microbiome fit into human sexuality?

It’s a well-known fact by now that Intestinal microbiota plays an important role in human health. Although this is a fairly new niche most scientists agree that microbiota literally effects directly or indirectly pretty much every single function in our body. It improves our digestion; plays an important role in development and modulation of immune and central nervous systems; it protects us from pathogenic bacteria, viruses and yeasts. It regulates blood sugar within our cells and based on, which microbes reside in our gut, can either increase or decrease the risk of diabetes. Certain fermented foods and specific probiotic microorganisms can lower cholesterol level and thus improve cardiovascular health. Since there is a direct relationship between microbiota and factors affecting human sexual behavior then it is almost safe to hypothesize that by modulating microbiota the right way, we may help improve sexual health and reduce the dysfunction.

Recent study suggests that by manipulating microbiota with specific probiotic strains, prebiotic as well as improving diet maybe an alternative way to improve human sexuality. Another study suggests that people suffering from type 2 diabetes very often suffer from sexual dysfunction and are characterized by a distinct signature of intestinal bacteria. It is striking, that men with diabetes are 2-3 times more likely to have sexual disorders than men without such health hystory. The authors also bring an important point that type 2 diabetes is on the rise therefore novel effective treatments for erectile dysfunction will be certainly in great demand.

Combination of natural approach and conventional treatment

While the hypothesis described here sounds promising there is still much research to be done in this area before we can have effective and approved treatments. A much better idea would be to combine life and diet changes, probiotics and prebiotics with prescription medications clinically proven to improve erectile dysfunction symptoms. To improve gut microbiota one can follow these easy 10 steps: eat more plants in your everyday diet, increase fiber intake, eat foods rich in polyphenols, include fermented foods in your diet, as well as fermented foods, omega 3, probiotics and prebiotics, avoid processed foods and toxic antimicrobial products in your environment, be active and take time to rest. Physical exercise especially in men have been shown over many studies to improve the erectile function, therefore it is recommended to have 40 minute long aerobic supervised workouts at least 4 times a week. Scientists notice a significant decrease of erectile dysfunction in men after 6 months of this particular physical intervention.

Erectile dysfunction drugs

When it comes to drugs, finding the right doctor who you can trust is the key for everyone’s health. If you feel like you have sexual problems you should share your concerns with you physician. Only trained professional can pin point what can be done to improve the condition. As mentioned above there can be numerous health disorders that can contribute to sexual dysfunction. Therefore, these issues may need to be addressed as well to improve the effect of drugs used in treating sexual disorders.

Another important moment is that not only men, but women can have sexual disorders. At least ten percent of premenopausal women, which a huge number of women who speak out, actually struggle with their libido. I am sure there are many more women who keep it to themselves. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies have been working hard to find the solution to this problem. Relatively new prescription medication Addyi is used to treat low sexual desire in premenopausal women that is not caused by mental issues or other medical problems. This drug has been clinically tested in women, and was nicknamed in media as “female viagra” or “pink Viagra”. While male Viagra is acting directly on male’s organ, Addyi is targeting woman’s brain chemistry and boosts her sexual desire that way.

Among other medications for men is Jamp-Vardenafil, a generic version of Levitra from Canada manufactured by Jamp Pharma, that can be found on virtual shelves at Canada Pharmacy Online. Some other great options include Auro-Tadalafil (by Auro Pharma) and Mar-Sildenafil (by Marcan Pharma). All these medications have very similar mechanisms to treat erectile dysfunction. They ease the muscles and improve blood flow to men’s penis which leads to an easier erection.

Photo Credit: erectile dysfunction drugs by @CPOhealth
Photo Credit: erectile dysfunction drugs by @CPOhealth

And how convenient, now you can order more affordable prescription drugs at Canada Pharmacy Online. Ordering online has never been easier and your prescription will be shipped and delivered right to your door.

Do not let anything to come between your love feelings and you, erectile dysfunction is a common occurrence. Follow a healthy lifestyle, eat well, take care of your microbiome and take advantage of the approved treatments that can help you feel confident yourself.



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