Too Clean Really Can Make You Sick

by Robert S. - October 9, 2019

specialized in children's book and illustrations with humors; he worked as a freelance cartoonist for Canada Pharmacy Online.

Too Clean Really Can Make You Sick

Stanley was obsessed with antibacterial soap. He would always carry his antibacterial soap wherever he went. If he went to the shopping mall, park, bus, he made sure he used the soap. Stanley thought antibacterial soap was the answer to fight off any harmful bacteria. He once told his family “Stop using the regular soap and start using antibacterial soap. You’ll never catch a cold again.”

But even using the antibacterial soap all the time, Stanley was always catching colds. Especially during the winter months, Stanley would get dreadfully ill, with high fever, running nose and watery eyes. But why was Stanley always catching colds, if he was constantly washing his hands with antibacterial soap? It wasn’t until one morning while Stanley was having his morning coffee, his wife placed a newspaper article for Stanley to read. It stated “Antibacterial soaps: Being too clean can make you sicker.” Stanley was astonished and dismayed. As he continued to read the article, it mentioned the following, “ There are harmful chemicals found in antibacterial soaps, toothpaste, pens etc. which could affect the immune system, which then could lead to colds and allergies.” Stanley’s wife just smiled and said “Honey, would you like to try some non-antibacterial soap?”


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