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Canada Pharmacy Online Reaches 70,000 Review Milestone

written by CPOHealth - Nov 14, 2022
medically reviewed by Dr. Christine Bishara, MD - Dec 6, 2022

Canada Pharmacy Online Reaches 70,000 Review Milestone, one of the premier online Canadian pharmacies, has announced the achievement of a major milestone: 70,000 reviews on Shopper Approved, a highly reputable US-based online review platform.

In business since 2006, Canada Pharmacy Online is a well-established and accredited online pharmacy and has served many customers seeking the opportunity to save money and time in acquiring quality prescription medications in a completely contactless manner. Not all customers take the time to leave a review, especially when they are satisfied with their order, and are ready to move on with their lives. Earning 70,000 positive reviews with an overall star rating of 4.8 is a major accomplishment. What’s more, 62,000 reviews (or 87.7% of the total reviews) are perfect five-star ratings.

The company specializes in chronic care medicines that many patients must take over the long term to sustain or improve their life and provides one of the quickest and easiest ordering processes available online today. A valid prescription is required to order prescription medications.

Garnering 70,000 reviews is no easy feat. Join with Canada Pharmacy Online in celebrating a job well done and more than 16 years of excellent service. As a token of their appreciation to all their customers, Canada Pharmacy Online is offering a $5 customer appreciation coupon valid for one week only (Use coupon code “thanks5” to place an order and save $5.00, one-time use only). Customers can phone the company’s call center to use the coupon.

About the Company

Canada Pharmacy Online is located in Surrey BC, a CIPA certified Canadian pharmacy for over 16 years. The pharmacy dispenses both brand-name and generic prescriptions as well as pet medications. Getting medications from Canada Pharmacy Online does not require a trip to a brick-and-mortar pharmacy, just a short walk to their own front door once the shipment arrives. Medications arrive quickly and reliably, and ordering from Canada Pharmacy Online crosses one more item off the to-do list in a smooth, hassle-free way.

Visit to learn more about the company. Reference the pharmacy’s FAQ page if you have any questions about shipping, safety, ordering, and more.


Please also view the original press release at: Canada Pharmacy Online Reaches 70,000 Review Milestone


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