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How 3-Day Weekends Can Impact Your Sex Life

written by Skye Sherman - Nov 21, 2022
medically reviewed by Dr. Christine Bishara, MD - Dec 6, 2022

Photo Credit: by mentatdgt,
Photo Credit: by mentatdgt,

We all want to work less, don’t we? No matter how much we appreciate and enjoy our jobs, most of us look forward to the weekend, every weekend. Having a couple days off to rest, recharge, or pursue our passions and interests is a valuable part of life.

That’s why, for many people, the idea of a three-day weekend is a dream. Many news articles have been written about three-day weekends and the possibility of the work force moving toward the three-day weekend as a standard practice. A three-day weekend could be the perfect chance to enjoy extra time off to spend time with family and friends and participate in the activities we love.

But did you know that new research suggests that three-day weekends could actually impact your sex life as well? That’s right: the number of days off at the end of each week can actually make a difference in your sex drive and overall sexual satisfaction.

In this article, we’ll explain how a three-day weekend could have the power to bring you better days in the bedroom and beyond.

What is a three-day weekend and how is it good for you?

First things first: What exactly is a three-day weekend? A three-day weekend is exactly what it sounds like: a weekend that lasts three days instead of the standard two.

It’s not a completely foreign experience to have a three-day weekend. In most countries, there are various holidays each year that may take place on a Friday or a Monday, thereby extending the weekend naturally. Aside from that, there are usually several bank holidays per year that give the workforce extra time off. So, more than likely, you’ve experienced the pleasure of a three-day weekend before. You might wish for it to be a regular thing, and you’re not alone in that!

As Yahoo News explains it, “Aside from the occasional bank holiday, three-day weekends are a pipedream for many of us. However, there is an increasing wealth of research that suggests longer weekends are the best way to boost our health, productivity and motivation. And some studies even suggest that traditional two-day weekends do more harm than good.”

Did you know that some countries are moving toward a four-day work week, another way to say a three-day weekend? Yahoo News reports: “In November 2020, Unilever announced it would move staff in its New Zealand office to a four-day week on the same pay. Other companies have trialed shorter working weeks too, including Shake Shack, Microsoft Japan and Perpetual Guardian.”

The article also points out that at face value, providing longer weekends every week (and therefore shorter work weeks) may seem counterintuitive for employers who are trying to maximize productivity and profits. However, the research in categories ranging from health to sleep, cognitive science, and organizational psychology actually suggests that a shorter work week “should be the norm” because employees tend to be more healthy and productive that way.

The company that tried out shifting their employees to a three-day weekend (or four-day work week) found that there was no decrease in the total amount of work done during four days instead of five! Employees were happier and more productive, as well as less stressed and more committed to their jobs. A four-day work week can lead to greater overall satisfaction. Maybe the solution to your bedroom woes is not simply erectile dysfunction medications but also more time off work. Your doctor may prescribe other popular ED drugs such as PRZ-Tadalafil or PRZ-Sildenafil for the treatment of impotence. Also, remember that other factors and lifestyle habits can also affect your sex drive.

Other potential health benefits of a three-day weekend include lower stress, improved mood, higher self-esteem, and better mental health.

How a three-day weekend could benefit your sex life

So, how does all this play into your sex life? Whether you take a vacation during your three-day weekend or not, the time off can feel like a mini trip, or just a break from the rigors of everyday life. You get more time to relax, unplug, and take a break. Obviously, this can have a major impact on your sexual drive and satisfaction.

On the website of James J. Elist, MD, an article about the relationship between vacations and libido states, “It has been proven that taking the time to go on vacation can renew intimacy, strengthen relationships, and activate desire. Going on vacation helps break the struggles of everyday life. … Vacationing and visiting new places sparks adventure, boldness, and romance. Psychologists and sex therapists advise taking vacations, or even short getaways to improve the frequency and fulfillment of sex.

Can you see the relationship now between three-day weekends and your sex life? If every weekend feels like a vacation, and vacations are major sex life boosters, you can see how switching to a four-day work week could actually improve your sex life by leaps and bounds.

In addition, if “reducing your stress levels is the first thing one must do to bring sexual excitement to your life,” as the article states, then you could see how the reduced stress levels that come part and parcel with a three-day weekend could easily make drastic changes and improvements to your overall sexual desire and fulfillment.

Besides that, switching up the routine is also known to boost libido, so the more time you have to try new things and enjoy life, the better off you will be in the bedroom. Try some chocolate and see if that makes you feel better… or maybe even more attracted to your partner.

Mood is one of the biggest factors in your interest in sex, so if you are always more relaxed and in a better mood due to a better work situation and more time off, your sex life should improve overall, too. Boosting the quality and quantity of your sexual encounters, whether you are flying solo or in a long-term committed relationship, will increase your life satisfaction overall.

Your sex life and your work life

Your sex life and work life may seem like very separate entities in your life, but how you feel about one can greatly impact the other. This doesn’t only apply to men, either. If your sex life is suffering, you will also likely perform poorly at work. In the same way, if you’re stressed at work, you may feel that your sex life suffers, too. They are inextricably linked, and it can be a vicious cycle if you don’t do what you can to keep both healthy and balanced.

Believe it or not, your sex life can have a major impact on your overall productivity. puts it this way: “You might not think there’s a positive correlation between sex and productivity, but there certainly can be.”

Just like a three-day weekend can impact your productivity at work, your sex life can do the same thing. The article also explains, “Higher productivity isn’t the only way a healthy sex life improves your work life. Those feel-good hormones and the general sense of well-being they give you have several other major benefits that are good for business.”

Regular sexual activity can lead to major stress reduction and even reduce symptoms of depression, boosting your mood and giving you more energy. The article also states, “Lower stress and increased production of positive brain chemicals improves overall wellness and can decrease depressive symptoms.”

This way, you’ll also take fewer sick days and be less at risk for certain diseases and conditions, from high blood pressure to a heightened risk of heart attack to the severity of any chronic pain you may experience.

Invigor Medical also reports:

● “Workers who engaged in sex at home had a more positive attitude toward work, regardless of whether they were otherwise satisfied with their marriage.

● Sex at home increased both job satisfaction and daily job engagement.

● Conflict between work and family life reduced the likelihood of having sex at home.”

As you can see, what you do in the boardroom and what you do in the bedroom can be more closely connected than you might ever suspect. Tell your boss that a three-day weekend might be just the thing the company culture needs, even if you don’t explain all the various reasons why.



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