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Alli (Orlistat)

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There is no brand product of Alli.

Generic Equivalent of Alli
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Type: drug type
Product: Orlistat (Obelit by Intas Pharma)
Manufacturer: Generic
Country: India
Dosage: 60 mg

Alli Information

If you are looking for an OTC diet pill, browse through our weight loss medications at We currently have stocks of the generic Orlistat which is also called Vyfat or Obelit from India manufactured by Intas Pharma. It may come from other suppliers around the world. We do not have the brand Alli available at this time. Orlistat is available in the strength of 60mg capsules. Orlistat is also available under another brand name called Xenical (120 mg) which is a prescription required item.

Product Details
Alli (Orlistat) is an over-the-counter weight loss medication. This medication could help you reduce a significant amount of weight when combined with a low calorie diet and exercise. Orlistat works by preventing the body from absorbing 25% of the fat that is taken into your body. This medication absorbs this fat by attaching to the enzymes in the digestive system and breaking the fat down so it cannot be absorbed by the body and is passed through the body naturally. Orlistat can also prevent you from regaining the weight you have lost. Alli does not block the absorption of calories from sugar and other non-fat foods.

The serious side effects include: dark urine, nausea/vomiting, symptoms of liver disease, yellowing eyes/skin. The common side effects include:
• Fatty/oily stool;
• Feeling of needing to have a bowel movement right away;
• Increased number of bowel movements;
• Intestinal gas with discharge;
• Oily spotting;
• Poor bowel control may occur

Do not take Alli if you are allergic to Orlistat or if you are pregnant. Before you start taking this medication, inform your doctor about your medical condition and about all the medications you are currently taking including OTC and herbal medications. Alli should not be given to a child younger than 18 years old. You should not eat a diet that is high in fat while you are taking this medication. High-fat meals taken in combination with Alli can increase your risk of unpleasant side effects on your stomach or intestines.

Questions and Answers
1. How long do I need to take Alli?
Answer: Most of the weight loss occurs within the first six months, however to keep the weight off, you should continue taking this medication indefinitely along with eating a low-calorie diet and exercise.

2. I don't have oily bowel movements; does that mean that Alli is not working for me?
Answer: Alli blocks the intestines from absorbing about 25% of the fat from what you eat. Fats that aren't absorbed leave your body through bowel movements. If you don't have oily bowel movements, it means that you don't have too much fat in your diet.

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The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

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