Make Summer Sexy with These At-Home Date Ideas

by Carrie Borzillo - August 24, 2020

According to our latest survey about couples in quarantine, 77% said they’d be happy to be locked down with their partner again if they had to. And, 72% said they were actually having fun together during this time. If you are not one of those lucky couples, we have some ideas to help you have some sexy good fun with your partner in the privacy of your own home.

Movie Night Under the Stars

Some cities still have their outdoor movie nights open, but if you’re in one that doesn’t, we can show you how easy it is to recreate this at home. And, what’s more romantic than watching your favorite romantic classic (ablanca? Roman Holiday? rom com (e Actually? Sleepless in Seattlehile stargazing with your loved one?

You might think that you need a huge house with a big blank wall in the back and an expensive outdoor projector to pull this off. Well, you don’t. But if you do have a projector - or want to invest in one - you’re a step ahead. You can buy projectors on Amazon for as low as $109. And, if you don’t have that huge wall, you can hang a white sheet.

If that sounds like too much trouble or expense, then we have a cozier version for you to try. First, you want to lay out some blankets (the kind you’d use for a picnic in the park or a day at the beach) and pillows in your backyard or deck, and stock up on some finger foods and drinks.

Now, for the movie. You’ll need a laptop and a streaming service for this. Prop up your pillows up on the back of a wall or against outdoor furniture, just place your laptop on a laptop stand if you have one or a stack of books and stream your favorite movie. If laying on the ground doesn’t sound comfortable, you can also place the laptop on your outdoor table, put two chairs side by side (with pillows and blankets for comfort) and watch that way. Add more romance by placing candles around the area.

Photo Credit: Movie night, by Carrie Borzillo
Photo Credit: Movie night, by Carrie Borzillo

Couples Massage Spa Night

Photo Credit: Massage oil candle, by Carrie Borzillo
Massage oil candle

A lot of couples shy away from giving their partners massages because they don’t feel like they know what the heck they’re doing. But, giving a great, professional massage is not the point here. It’s all about just getting your hands on each other in a loving sensual way and pampering your partner. And, of course, a massage is great foreplay to sex as well.

Here’s what you’ll need...

● Time & Space: Set aside one hour for the massage. You can do this late at night after the kids have gone to bed. You don’t need a massage table. You can set up sheets or towels on top of your bed for this.

● Soothing Music: Unlike a great sex playlist, a massage playlist should be more like the music you hear at a spa. It should be calming background music. Luckily, Spotify has great spa playlists for this occasion. You can simply search for “spa playlists” or even “massage playlists” and take your pick.

● Massage Oil: Coconut oil that you cook with will do just fine. If you want to get fancy, you can order a fragrant massage oil online. Jimmy Jane has a great collection of sleek, modern massage oil candles that come with a pourable spout.

● Ambiance: Place several candles around the room and light some incense to get all the senses going.

Photo Credit: Spa playlists, by Carrie Borzillo
Photo Credit: Spa playlists, by Carrie Borzillo

Once you have all your supplies, slip into something sexy to wear. Have your partner wait in another room in a room in a robe and with their favorite drink while you light the candles and get ready. This helps build a little anticipation. Don’t keep them waiting too long, and don’t forget to lock the bedroom door and turn off your phones.

No one will expect you to massage like a pro, but you also don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. You can watch a quick couples massage tutorial on YouTube, or just follow a few basic rules — Use long, slow strokes. No sudden or hard movements. Reapply the massage oil as needed (no one likes a dry rub!) and keep it fun and sexy.

Strip Jenga

You can add the word “strip” or “naked” before any game you like to play to create your own sexy game night, but Strip Jenga is a fun one. You can actually play this with other couples, but since that’s not exactly in the cards during the Covid-19 pandemic, this version is simply for you and your partner.

This takes some preparation. First, you need the Jenga blocks. Second, you must be willing to, well, ruin your Jenga game by writing on the blocks with the various sexy things you want your partner to do. Perhaps you buy two Jenga games - one that stays a clean version for mixed company and a second that you mark up for sexy date nights with your partner.

For those not familiar with Jenga, the basic way to play is you stack wood blocks into a tower with three blocks in a row one way and three blocks in a row the other way. Once it’s built, each player takes a block out of the stack and places it on top of the tower without toppling it. When the blocks fall, it’s game over and you have to start over.

With Strip Jenga, players have to perform the task written on the block before placing it on the top of the tower. Here are just a few ideas of what you can write on the blocks, but, it’s your game so anything goes…

● Remove a piece of clothing of your choice

● Remove a piece of clothing of your partner’s choice

○ You’ll want these first two items written on several blocks

● Moon your partner

● Kiss

● Perform a lap dance

● Crawl to your partner

● Nibble on your partner’s ear

● Twerk

● Talk dirty to your partner

● Suck your partner’s finger

● Spank your partner

● Straddle your partner and tell them a secret

● Channel Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally

Try a Sexy Couples Workout

If you gained the quarantine 15 and want to have some healthy fun with your partner, try a sexy couples workout. You can take a dance class online together (tango and salsa are super-sexy or a TikTok dance can be silly and fun too), go skinny dipping if you’re lucky enough to have a pool, or just spot each other with at-home workouts. For the latter, you can hold your partner’s feet while they are doing traditional sit-ups and every time they come up, you kiss.

But the best couples’ workout is partner yoga. You’re forced to be present, focus on your breathing and each other, and let the stress of the day (and the pandemic!) leave your mind. It’s a great way to connect with your partner. Have fun trying some of the partner yoga poses where you are lifting or supporting each other. Yes, you will likely fall occasionally, but that’s okay. You’ll have a good laugh doing it. YouTube offers up plenty of partner yoga options to choose from, including

If you gained the Stylecraze Yoga’s

If you gained the Partner Yoga Poses for Beginners.

Photo Credit: Stylecraze Yoga’s Partner Yoga Poses for Beginners, by Carrie Borzillo
Photo Credit: Stylecraze Yoga’s Partner Yoga Poses for Beginners, by Carrie Borzillo

Reality TV Drinking Game

If you feel like having a tipsy good time together, create a drinking game out of your favorite TV shows. Warning: Please consume alcohol responsibly. This exercise may cause hangovers! But, there are plenty of hangover remedies out there, including taking such B Vitamins as B1, B6, and B12.

For fans of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City, here’s an idea:

Take a sip of your drink any time…

● Ramona says “girlfriend”

● Dorinda mentions her late husband, Richard

● Luann says “cabaret”

● Sonja says “townhouse”

● Elyse defends Ramona

● Jail is mentioned

● Someone rolls their eyes

Take a shot any time…

● Leah tears up a room

● Someone has a meltdown

● Anyone gets naked

● A housewife kisses another housewife

● Anyone falls down

Photo Credit: Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City, by Carrie Borzillo
Photo Credit: Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City, by Carrie Borzillo

Make your partner take two shots any time…

● They are not as outraged as you are at the behavior on screen!


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