Seeing Isn't Always Believing

by Robert S. - December 2, 2015

is an American cartoonist who is known for witty and funny cartoons. Robert writes and illustrates the weekly cartoons for pharmacies in Canada.

Seeing Isn't Always Believing
Like most elderly couples, Melvin and his wife face everyday challenges of getting old. One of many Melvin’s challenges is sometimes forgetting to put things away. He tends to forget his dentures on the night stand leaving their dog Max to grab them and shred it into tiny pieces. Hearing loss is another problem Melvin faces. Sometimes his wife has to repeat a word 10 times until he understands what she is saying.

And one of many difficulties of Melvin getting old is forgetting to wear his eyeglasses. If he doesn’t wear his eye glasses, it is very difficult for Melvin to see anything. One morning Melvin went to the kitchen as he normally does and to watch TV there. As it happened he forgot to wear his eye glasses. He sat there for 10 minutes and only saw food commercials. Another 10 minutes went by, same food commercial. Now Melvin was impatient, he grabbed the remote and started switching the channels frantically. With a loud and irritated voice, he said," I can’t seem to change any of these channels!!". His wife standing behind said in a calm voice said, “Honey, the TV is right behind you", as she handed him his eye glasses. And one more thing, she told her husband, “Please schedule your yearly check up with the Opthalmologist". Melvin just smiled and said “will do".


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Coltin says at 2017-10-26 11:00:23:
Woot, I will ceitranly put this to good use!

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