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Why An Overactive Bladder Can Also Cause Sexual Dysfunction

written by Dr. Christine Bishara - Jun 19, 2023

Photo Credit: @ jcomp,
Photo Credit: @ jcomp,

Overactive bladder is a frustrating and often embarrassing condition causing urinary symptoms such as urgency, nocturia (frequent night time urination) and even incontinence. To compound the problem, certain medical conditions can predispose an individual to both an overactive bladder and sexual dysfunction problems. Conditions such as diabetes and heart disease can affect the nerve endings that supply the genitourinary area, leading to a higher likelihood of sexual dysfunction issues in these individuals. In fact, a 2008 study found that individuals living with symptoms of an overactive bladder reported lower sexual activity rates and satisfaction. Overactive bladder is associated with erectile dysfunction and reduced sexual quality of life in men. This is especially common in women suffering from overactive bladder due to the increased chances of developing urinary tract infections and other symptoms that lower interest in sexual activity.

Many people assume overactive bladder (OAB) is an uncommon condition because many affected do not speak openly about it. However, OAB actually affects 10 to 20% of the population globally and approximately one out of three individuals has reported symptoms of OAB at least “sometimes.” Of the individuals affected with OAB, the percentage reporting sexual dysfunction is 20% and may perhaps be higher due to the sensitivity of the topic which many shy away from discussing openly.

So what to do? If you think you have symptoms of an overactive bladder, there are certain precautions and exercises you can do to help strengthen your bladder muscles Overactive Bladder: You Don’t Have to Suffer Alone

There are dietary measures you can take to help minimize symptoms. Some gluten sensitive individuals find that gluten rich foods worsen symptoms of overactive bladder. Some foods can also cause irritation of the bladder lining leading to hyperstimulation of the nerve endings and urinary urgency symptoms. Foods such as chocolate, caffeine, acidic based foods such as tomatoes and citrus based fruits can do this. Alcohol is another culprit in exacerbating symptoms of overactive bladder while also causing dehydration.

While dietary measures and certain exercises can help, many people suffering from OAB have also found relief in a medication called Mirabegron or Myrbetriq. Mirabegron not only helps to relieve the symptoms of overactive bladder, but it has also been shown to improve sexual dysfunction in both males and females.

Mirabegron is in a class of medications called Beta 3 adrenergic receptor agonists. It functions by relaxing the muscles surrounding the bladder, allowing the bladder capacity to hold more urine, thereby decreasing the frequent urge to urinate. Myrbetriq has consistently been shown to also improve female sexual dysfunction when compared to placebo, while also showing improvement in erectile dysfunction in males. Since it works as a muscle relaxant, the effects lead to relaxation of the Corpus Cavernosum, a part of penile spongy tissue that increases blood supply, assisting with erections. The medication also seems to work in the same manner with clitoral tissue.

Many individuals suffering from OAB have neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s that predispose them to worsened symptoms. Mirabegron has also been found to be a safe treatment option for these individuals.

If you suffer from overactive bladder, you’re probably wondering if Myrbetriq is an option for you. Since urinary frequency has many causes, it is important to discuss the possible causes with your doctor. Mirabegron can be used as a first line treatment for OAB so it’s worth exploring if OAB has caused significant urinary and sexual symptoms for you. Buy Myrbetriq Online – Mirabegron Canada


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