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Aerosol Chamber for Pets is Now Available from Canada Pharmacy Online

written by CPOHealth - Sep 19, 2022
medically reviewed by Dr. Christine Bishara, MD - Nov 18, 2022

Photo Credit: by Gabe,
Photo Credit: by Gabe,

Everyone loves their pets and if you’re a pet owner, you know that you would do anything for your pets, so seeing them suffer is one of the worst feelings in the world. Pet asthma is a challenging condition to deal with. You know that for human asthma, Humans with asthma are prescribed asthma inhalers that can dramatically reduce symptoms and provide relief.

But did you know there are inhalers for pets as well? Available immediately, offers the over-the-counter aerosol chamber (inhaler device mask) for pets. You don’t need a prescription for your pet to purchase this product from Canada. However, it is recommended that you only purchase an aerosol chamber for pets to treat and control pet asthma if your pet’s veterinarian prescribes it. It is used with metered dose aerosol inhalers such as Flovent and Albuterol for pets, which are prescribed by your vet.

The aerosol chamber is available in three different sizes: S (6 x 2 inches), M (6 x 2.1 inches), and L (6 x 3 inches). The size you choose depends on the size of your pet. The pet asthma inhaler is easy to use; the bottom attaches to a puffer inhaler and there’s a mask on the top that goes over the mouth and nose of the pet so they can easily breathe it in. The aerosol inhaler spacer chamber holds the medication in place and mixes it with air so you can be sure the medication is being delivered properly straight to the lungs rather than the mouth and throat. Use the aerosol chamber on your pet by following a veterinarian's instructions.

Don’t forget to reward your pet with lots of praise, comfort, and maybe even a treat after dosing them! You want to make sure the experience is as easy for them as it was for you to order it. It is recommended that the product is cleaned weekly by soaking the parts for 15 minutes in a mild solution of liquid dish detergent and lukewarm clean water.

Canada Pharmacy Online also sells other pet medications, from heartworm drugs to flea, tick, and lice prevention. If your pet is suffering from disease, order the proper medication and have it delivered right to your door to ensure your pet is pain-free in no time.

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